Discover Giethoorn

Giethoorn, the only comparison you could find with this very special village in the province of Overijssel, lies on the east coast of Italy and is called Venice. Of course, Giethoorn is not nearly as large as its sister, but peace and quiet, space and nature are exactly what makes this Venice of the North so great. The many bridges that lead across the radiant water to the picturesque farms make every visitor instantly fall in love with this characteristic water village.

Giethoorn was established in the 13the century by monks from the Mediterranean area. When working the land they found many goat horns and so they called the village Geythorn, which has now become Giethoorn. Peat has played an important role in the development of Giethoorn. The peat digging resulted in the pools and lakes. To transport the peat, canals and ditches were dug, which is why many houses are built on small islands that can only be reached by bridges or boats. More information about Giethoorn.

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Punting like a Giethoorner, Giethoorn is perfect for discovering the Weerribben – Wieden National Park. But there’s enough to do and see in Giethoorn itself. A trip with an electric whisper boat is ideal to get to know the village and its surrounding area. But you can also do a trip on one of the canal tour boats. Or perhaps you would like to try punting? You move yourself and the boat with a long wooden punt pole, like a real Giethoorner.

Our Venice of the North meets many different needs with a wide range of museums and special attractions. Well-known are the Gloria Maris Shell Gallery, the ´t Olde  Maat Uus Museum Farm, the Oude Aarde Stone Museum and the Rhoda Pottery. Giethoorn has the last authentic punt builders of the Netherlands. The Schreur and Wilderboer punt yard has set out an entertaining walk around the yard. If you’re looking for art you can visit the Duine Rhee Gallery. There’s also ample choice in activities from the popular South to the undiscovered North of Giethoorn. You can also choose from various cafés, terraces and restaurants. From eating in star restaurants to chips at the snack bar. Giethoorn has it all.