Cycling through Giethoorn and the surrounding area

The perfect way to get to know Giethoorn and its beautiful surroundings is by bike. The Weerribben – Wieden National Park offers extensive cycling routes that lead you through the picturesque villages and the splendid natural areas. A little bit further you can also visit the National Parks in the province of Drenthe.

You can rent a bike for Є9.50 a day and an e-bike for Є25 a day. Also look at Snorren in de Kop for a moped. At Snorren in de Kop you can rent a power assisted bicycle (e-bike) from Steenwijk to Giethoorn and back. You can rent an e-bike from Є25 a day. Book your bike ahead and it will be ready for you at the train station.

Cycling routes in Giethoorn Cycling route De Wieden look for more routes in the surrounding area of Natuurmonumenten De Wieden Giethoorn route look for more cycling routes at Giethoorn Cycling routes. Also look for our special cycling arrangement.