You can start a round trip through Giethoorn (the old village) and the Weerribben – Wieden National Park at the mini marina of the Dames. Experience a trip through the narrow canals, past the beautiful Giethoorn farms and under the many bridges. Our punts can accommodate up to eight people and the launches up to 52. Naturally, you can also drive a whisper boat yourself, for which you can book a punt.

In Giethoorn, we use boats as taxis; if you would like a tailor-made trip, please contact us. If you wish, we can arrange for a warden of the National Park to join you or for any other entertainment on board. We can also stop off at the various museums and shops such as the Olde Maat Uus Farm Museum, the Oude Aarde Museum or the Rhoda Pottery.

The round trips can be booked throughout the year. They only stop when the canals are frozen over and we put our skates on. In the winter the big launches are heated and in the summer the windows are open to let in the lovely air.

Most round trips in Giethoorn take between one to two hours. Our skippers and guides are available with English, German, Chinese, French, Arabic, Italian, Spanish and the Giethoorn dialect. On board, they tell stories about the local cultural heritage, nature and village life.

You can book a round trip from €6 p.p.