Planning a meeting quickly is more easily said than done. At the Dames van de Jonge we have a fantastic meeting location along the waterside. We can be easily reached by public transport and we have free parking facilities. Would you like a team outing in a perfect décor? Challenging, special, active and relaxing? At the Dames van de Jonge that’s all possible. Eating and drinking, staying the night? It’s all possible. In other words: Hospitality with a green H!

Do you wish to take your company out boating in Giethoorn, in a nice punt or a sloop? We can help with a few suggestions.

The Dames van de Jonge has the ideal setting for your meeting. As our guests at the Dames, you and your team (up to 20 people) can hold meetings, trainings or consultations that will, of course, be a great success.

For more information about meeting at the Dames please contact the booking department via +31 (0)521 361360

Teambuilding in folklore

Start the team battle in folklore. Who stays upright the longest? Which clan is the most powerful? Who makes the best fire? Celebrate the clan festival with other clans and engage in combat with the elements of nature.

Challenging and unique!